How to have instant confidence – a mental technique

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There’s a fantastic mental technique for summoning confidence whenever you need it. It’s called the Circle of Excellence. You can use it to get rid of fear when you need to give a talk, perform some sports or do any challenging activity.

Would you want to get the hang of it?

Stand up, and remember a time in the past when you actually had a lot of confidence. Maybe you did something absolutely confidently and felt good about it. You were at your best then. Relive that moment. Feel the feelings you felt then. See what you saw and hear what you heard.

Now as you feel the confidence building in you as you remember that past time, imagine a circle around you on the floor. You are standing in that circle.

Give that circle a color. Give it some sound – maybe a beat of drums. Brighten that circle. And as you stand in that bright and colorful circle, intensify your feeling of confidence. Feel the power surging within you. You are at your best here. Make a special fist with your hand and say “YES”.

Now step out of that circle, leaving those confident feelings inside the circle. Relax.

Now think of a time in the future when you’ll need this special state of confidence, and then step into the circle, making the same special fist with your hand. That circle is charged with confidence and power already. Feel it, and see in your mind how you handle that future event!

That’s it. You’re done. Step out of the circle.

When the actual event arrives in the future, simply make that special fist, imagine you’re in that circle, and then do your thing. You’ll rock.

But remember that this exercise does not create competence in the skill that is required for the task. It simply gives you the confidence in performing the task. When you have the ability to do something, yet you feel you lack the confidence to do it – this is where this exercise fits in. It’ll do a little miracle for you.

Some situations where you can effectively put this exercise into use are:

giving a presentation,

facing a bully,

making a new friend,

taking a test,

proposing to someone, and

doing a slam dunk.

This technique is from NLP (neurolinguistic programming), a branch of knowledge developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.

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